Friday, July 06, 2012

X-men - then and now

The idea of looking back at something's origin has always been an interest of mine. Seeing how something has started, and comparing that to where it is now has got to be one of the most fascinating insights into a concept.
The changes that have fallen on the original five X-men is incredible interesting to me, if not astonishing at the degree of change.
Cyclops, going from the unassuming, straight-edge leader who couldn't even ask Jean out to this borderline fascist political leader of the endangered mutant race. This quiet kid into one of the most ruthless world leaders.
Beast, the charming genius, insecure with his own mutation has become an outcast from his friends for the moral ground that he will not lose. There is also the obvious visual change to him, with the blue fur and the now cat-like features.
Iceman is pretty much the same, really. More so in the fact that he is now realizing the extent of his powers, but he really has fallen out of the spotlight.
Angel, lost his memory and almost became the new apocalypse.
and Jean is just dead now.

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