Saturday, November 26, 2011

P:R Invincible ReDesign

My entry for the Invincible Redesign contest over at Project : Rooftop.
This one was pretty hard for me to get something that either wasn't too similar to the original design, nor one that relied heavily on my go-to design elements.
Pretty happy with what came out. especially the tone of the blue.


antivicus rey said...

I absolutely love the way u draw ur anatomy, it's pretty stellar (thanks for the masterclass too). As for the project rooftop redesign can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with seeing as the comic has experimented so much with the character design, most standard costume elements have already been covered should be pretty interesting.

27poker said...

Looks friggin ossum, but the iconic "i" is not strong enough...luv what you did with the headset/goggles, tho.

Gabriel Lin said...

awesome! love the colors

Stephen Thornton said...

Fantastic looking design! I can't wait until they post the results of the contest. Here's my entry:

Please take a look. Thanks.