Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the might the worthy

i really hate these designs. so much


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Are these design you came up with that you're dissatisfied with or are they designs being presently used in comics that you don't like?

Some of the designs look familiar, but I can't be sure.

In any case the "Tron Lines" probably aren't helping much.

RED MONKEY said...

Im not a big fan of Fear Itself, it's pretty weak, overall, except for Stuart Immonen drawing it. And he doesnt seem to be enjoying himself that much, but maybe thats just my dislike for the story reflecting on his art. And yea, I have to agree, the designs for the bad and the good guys are pretty uninspired. Though I do like what he did with Sin. And I still dont get why they let Bucky die, it doesnt add anything except a bit of shock value. /end rant

Andre Allao said...

Hoping to see these sketches finished!
Both the scenes are promising! Great work, man!

Jon Lankry said...

great serie !
I like this line stuff :)